What makes this the right piece of equipment in an accident or disaster?

Compare to Other Tools. For Health Effects Nothing Else Competes in Real Time. 

How much health hazard have users endured?

Unlike Geiger Counters, TLDs, solid state or scintillator devices – this device will work at high doses and dose rates to give instantaneous total dose and dose rate, and directional data on the incident radiation field over -30 to 50 C. The device is meant to provide useful information to save lives and reduce injuries in emergency situations with information that will not be provided by other devices on the market.

This is handheld technology will allow realtime measurements of doses greater than 50 mrad between read and can be read at rates up to 1 min per read. RIIDs can describe what isotope but won’t show your health, other 4Pi or 3D imaging technology are expensive and need training. But in high doserate area this will be adequate for learning the source point of the radiation. 

This unit is designed for extreme temperatures and dose conditions.